Anatolian Vibes: Zeynep Baksi Karatag + Makas

Anatolian Vibes: Zeynep Baksi Karatag + Makas

Anatolian Vibes in Eindhoven.

In collaboration with the Eindhoven based band Makas we will introduce Eindhoven to the finest Anatolian Vibes. This first edition they invite the Turkish singer Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ and they will open the evening themselves.

Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ
Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ is the artist who lets you experience the best of traditional Turkish folk music combined with contemporary influences. Through her powerful, melancholic voice with an unmistakably wide range of sounds, the artist creates a warm and magical atmosphere. Zeyep takes you on a journey into both the modern and traditional world of Turkish songs.

Last year these Anatolian rockers opened for their own heroes Moğollar in our small hall. And that was a great party for the people on and in front of the stage. These locals mix their Turkish roots with western hard rock. You can sing along, but you have to learn Turkish first, tamam?

Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ feat. Fırat Çelik - Niye Çattın Kaşlarını [ Official Music Video © 2020 Kalan ]
MAKAS - Concert 29 February 2020, Effenaar Eindhoven - Sevenler aglarmis