FTWR: Luke Slater - The 7th Plain

FTWR: Luke Slater - The 7th Plain

“Dear Rabbits,

With pain in our hearts we are canceling this FTWR Special. For multiple reasons, it just wasn't possible to set up this event in the way we wanted and was intended to. All ticket holders will be notified by email and will get a full refund.

For those who really want to experience this The 7th Plain show there are still tickets available for the show in Den Haag at Paard van Troje on the 12th of October.

On the plus side: behind the screens we are already working on a new and even better formula for a FTWR Special with Luke Slater.


This is the rescheduled show for November 29, 2020 and February 27, 2021. Tickets for the original date remain valid, you don't have to do anything for this.

Luke Slater is one of techno's most innovative enigmas, moving through variations of the genre over the course of his extensive career of over 25 years.

One of Slater's most celebrated aliases, "The 7th Plain" came into its own in the mid-90s. At a time when he was going as far as all directions, Slater's ambient techno albums like 'The 4 Cornered Room' and 'My Yellow Wise Rug' were definitely about exploring the deep space of the imagination.

More recently, Ostgut Ton's sublabel released A-Ton Chronicles I-III, a three-part special vinyl edition featuring previously released material and unreleased future classics, compiled for the ages.

The 7th Plain release's still represents some of the most emotionally intense music to ever come out of the techno world. Whether it's a percussion frame or a sweeping mist of a vanished sound, Slater's synthesizers sing the stories of space travelers in a compelling and beautiful way.

Now in the ugliness of a pandemic, Slater has rejuvenated his dreamy planetarium fantasies. During the lockdown, the hopeful idea of creating a new multidisciplinary The 7th Plain performance emerged, and in collaboration with two talented modern dancers from Berlin, a long-held wish for Slater is coming true.

This show will, of course, be organized entirely according to national guidelines.