The Hiphop Sessions: Massi

The Hiphop Sessions: Massi

Soulful autobiographical hip hop

"Even if it doesn't work out, it will work out" says Massi (Sam Raaijmakers, 1992). The rapper/songwriter knows what he is talking about. He comes from far and has worked hard to be where he is today, as Samen Alleen proves. His debut album is more than a hip hop album with influences from trip hop, jazzy soul and roots rock. Together Alone is a story of hope and continuing to believe in yourself. Music gives Massi hope. With his soulful, autobiographical music he wants to share this feeling with his listeners. As inspiration, as support, as reassurance, for difficult periods. Because that's what music has done for him.

There are 15 duo tickets available to attent this event live at the Effenaar.

The livestream starts 22/06 at 21.00 on Hiphop Session is booked by Max de Beijer. Max is a programmer for the Hall Of Fame in Tilburg and founder of To The Max Entertainment which takes care of bookings and management for Gil & Megas and Zeno among others.

Massi - Laat Me Even Hier