Robin Borneman

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Robin Borneman

Robin Borneman is an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter. In recent years, Borneman has gathered an enthusiastic and loyal fan base with his narrative music.

After completing his Folklore Trilogy, Robin has started working on new music. In this new period he can also be seen on Dutch television. First in October 2020, in the RTL4 TV program “I Can See Your Voice”. His participation in this is so impressive that Talpa invites Robin to participate in the successful SBS 6 TV program "We Want More" in 2021. The program consists of several rounds and Robin manages to reach the final with an impressive version of Adele's "Skyfall", and even win it!

Support: Roman Huijbreghs 

You may know Roman Huijbreghs as the guitarist of the rock band NAVARONE. This evening he supports Robin Borneman with both vocals and guitar for an intimate, adventurous and varied acoustic (solo) concert.