English comedy night with international talents

On this particular Friday night The Sessions will miraculously transform into Bell's Comedy Club.Get ready for a whole new comedy scene in Eindhoven. Local/Irish comedian Stephen Bell has hand-picked his favorite performers to present to you in a cozy, intimate setting. Stephen has been touring through the Benelux for years looking for the new rising stars on the comedy circuit. He will be dishing out a four course meal containing everything from the freshest talents to experienced pro's. Grade-A international comedy in its purest form: een bar stool, a microfoon and an array of hilarious jokes.

Only 15 duotickets available to attend this Comedy Club in the Effenaar. 
The livestream starts at 21.00 on

Stephen Bell

Our organiser and host of these evenings really made a point during the first edition of Bell's Comedy Club. We needed a great new comedy night in Eindhoven, and we got it. Stephen is revving to go and talk to absolutely everyone in the crowd this Friday, seeing as his social life has deteriorated so much the last weeks.

Benedetto Zurlo

This Italian stallion is taking over the international comedy scene in Amsterdam like a wildfire. This suave young man has been cooked in his room for weeks now and he can't wait to try out all his post-lockdown material out in the Effenaar!

Zoe Brownstone (CAN)

All we can tell you about Zoe is that you should never tell her your deepest darkest secret, because she will turn it into a hilarious joke at your expense. As she does this to her own life experiences. She will undoubtedly make you burst out in laughter in the mean time.

Neil Robinson (CAN)

Screw diversity, we just put TWO Canadians on the line-up. Neil has been residing in the Netherlands for over a decade. Just long enough to find out it is pointless to learn the Dutch language, so he didn't. But he is full of hilarious tips for expats to survive "The Dutch", as he likes to call them, or you.