Due to the corona measures, the concert from S10 has been moved to Thursday, September 8, 2021. Tickets already purchased remain valid and ticket buyers have been personally informed!

Born in 2000, Stien den Hollander tells her most personal stories through rap, singing and ghosts. "The most original voice in contemporary Dutch hip-hop", De Volkskrant called her and for her debut album 'Snowsniper' S10 was awarded the most prestigious Dutch music prize Edison in the category 'Alternative'.

Her sound has many important basic elements of hip-hop, but she often uses her loaded singing voice more than she raps. The productions on the album have powerful kicks and 808s in combination with dark and psychedelic melodies. In the meantime, S10 brings an unprecedented sound that transcends genres.

S10 - ‘Licht’ en ‘Wacht Op Mij’ live voor Lowlands 2020