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In October Fresku released his new album 'In Het Diepe' without any announcement. In 16 songs he takes his listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. On the album, he goes back to his roots and you can hear him singing Papiamento for the first time. He also shares many personal highs and lows, like the health of his son. He dedicates the album to his deceased grandmother whom he used to live with on Curaçao.

The Eindhoven rapper is not only the funniest rapper in the Netherlands, but also one of the few rappers who dares to show his vulnerable side. Partly thanks to his partner-in-rhyme Teemong, who is also responsible for Fresku's videos, he is now so successful that he eats lobster every day instead of a "kapsalon".

Still, Fresku continues to express his doubts about his life, his work and himself, as he did on his new album 'In Het Diepe', on which he goes back to his roots. First single 'Wil Er Voor Je Zijn' has been provided with a controversial clip again by Teemong!

Fresku - Wil Er Voor Je Zijn (prod. Mucky)