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Gourmetal - Carnation + Bodyfarm

Gourmetal - Carnation + Bodyfarm

On this evening the typical Dutch tradition of 'gourmetten' will be mixed with old school death metal. Gourmetten is Dutch for raclette, but raclettal doesn't sound as good as gourmetal. So gourmetal it is!

On the Effenaar terrace we start the evening with cute portions of sliced chicken, bacon, hamburgers, peppers and mushrooms. And of course pancake batter! In duo's you can fill up your pans on your own raclette set (pun intended), while a DJ spins the best metal classics.

When we're full of small snacks, we'll go to the big hall where the best metal bands will make their appearance. This evening they are Bodyfarm and Carnation. Headbanging can also be done sitting down. So can headbanging in a sitting position. A hundred metalheads will prove that!

Carnation - Iron Discipline (official music video) 2020
BODYFARM Dreadlord (2019)