Due to the re-announced November 12 corona measures, this concert has been rescheduled for March 6, 2022. Tickets already purchased will remain valid and ticket buyers will be notified personally!


This is the rescheduled show of October 16th 2020. Tickets for the original date remain valid. Are you unavailable on the new date? Check for more info.

Karsu is a multi-talent. The Dutch musician with Turkish roots is not only a gifted singer and pianist, but also a composer, musical arranger and lyricist. Her eclectic mix of R&B, pop and rock takes you to the outskirts of our planet.

Thanks to her exceptional voice, her passionate piano playing and catchy compositions, in combination with her cheerful look, Karsu has quickly become a celebrated and beloved international performer.

Track record: North Sea Jazz, Carnegie Hall, Edison Award

Quote: “While the band, including the singers, performs like a well-oiled music machine, the concert takes on wings when Turkish-Dutch jazz singer Karsu Dönmez, in shocking pink, sets herself behind the piano. Through her voice you get to feel the attraction and the rejection of the lovers, even without understanding the language. As a true solist Dönmez rises above her backup band. “ – de Volkskrant

Karsu - Itiraf
Karsu - Siyah