Come As You Are 2020: met o.a. Soul Asylum + Millionaire

+ Teenage Fanclub + Magnapop e.v.a.

Come As You Are 2020: met o.a. Soul Asylum + Millionaire

Come As You Are focuses on three decades of guitar music; from the grunge of the early nineties and danceable Britpop to energetic punk and power pop of today. The festival gives bands a stage that have played a major role in this guitar wave over the years, up to the new heroes who are inspired by 30 years of guitar.

Soul Asylum
This year's headliner is the American rock band Soul Asylum, known from the Grammy award-winning mega hit 'Runaway Train'. It is the first time in a very long time that the band is coming back to Europe. The band led by David Pirner will release the long awaited studio album 'Hurry Up and Wait' in April. This new songs, and ofcourse the classic hits, will undoubtedly be played on this exclusive Dutch show.

The adventures of the various members of Millionaire read like scheming novels. So go the rumours that Tim Vanhamel has thanked for a spot in Queens of the Stone Age. After that he did spend some time in Eagles of Death Metal with Josh Homme. And Aldo Struyf in turn played with Mark Lanegan. But of course we also know Millionaire from the soundtrack of 'Ex Drummer' and the danceable hit 'Champagne'. And then in 2017 they entered the Belgian album top 200 with their latest album 'Sciencing'.

Teenage Fanclub
The Scottish Teenage Fanclub started out as a shoegaze/noiserock band, until they suddenly found out they'd better write glowing guitar rockers along the lines of Big Star, The Byrds and the entire Paisley Underground. But still with just enough distortion. They scored hits with 'The Concept', 'What You Do To Me', 'Star Sign' and 'Hang On'. They also brought this sunny guitar layering to the soundtrack of Judgement Night, where, together with De La Soul, they took care of the rest on the CD.

Making such good music that both Michael Stipe (the singer of R.E.M.) and Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü and Sugar) set themselves up as producers of your records: Magnapop did it. And we understand that too, because the powerpop mixed with punk and grunge is still tingly fresh. You can hear where newfangled bands like Snail Mail, The Beths and Alvvays get their inspiration. The band is in the original line-up, that wrote hits like 'Slowly, Slowly' and 'Lay It Down', back together again.

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (Official Video)
Soul Asylum - Somebody To Shove [live @ MTV Spring Break '93]
Millionaire - Champagne
Teenage Fanclub - The Concept
Magnapop - Lay It Down Video