Prognosis: Haken + Witchcraft + Soen e.a.

Prognosis: Haken + Witchcraft + Soen e.a.

A new 'progressive' multi-day festival appears on the horizon; Prognosis Festival.
Prognosis is all about innovation and Eindhoven is the perfect location for it with its art- and industrial innovative touch. Besides a strong lineup there will be a lot to do and see in the centre of the city. The music festival will be the heart of it, but there is much more to do and see for the real music lovers. On different locations there will be book readings and clinics by international performing artists, art galleries with the best cover art in the scene, loads of unique merchandise and gatherings for those who want to know it all. Prognosis brings more than just music!

The first names from the line-up are presented below. But this is not all, we soon will present additional names for the Prognosis Festival so make sure to follow the festival online.


- Haken
- Witchcraft
- Soen
- Sleepmakeswaves
- Cog
- Green Carnation
- Nosound
- Our Oceans

Haken - The Good Doctor
Soen - Tabula Rasa