Eindhoven Metal Meeting Pre-Party

Eindhoven Metal Meeting Pre-Party

Eindhoven Metal Meeting Warm-Up Party on Thursday 14th of December 2017 @ Effenaar, with Necrowretch, IXXI & The Stone!

NECROWRETCH (FR - Season of Mist)
Necrowretch's latest album 'Satanic Slavery' is dirty, gritty, mean, and beautifully untamed. This record spells DEATH METAL in capital letters without embracing mindless nostalgia.Brace for Impact, Eindhoven Metal Meeting!

IXXI (SE - Osmose)
Black/Thrash Metal squadron from Stockholm, Sweden.

THE STONE (RS - Folter Records)
Formed in Belgrade, Serbia under the name STONE TO FLESH in 1996, THE STONE has, since its inception, grown in to become an internationally recognized Black Metal Band with a plethora of releases, tours, festivals and live appearances under its belt.

Tickets cost €18 (excl. servicecosts)

EMM ticket holders (day or combi) receive a €6 discount!