World BBoy Classic 2017 - World Final

World BBoy Classic 2017 - World Final

The Worlds largest 2vs2 Break Competition returns to the Effenaar in Eindhoven on June 18! Watch some of the planets Greatest Breakers get drafted into duo's 1 hour before the final. They battle against the Challengers (duo's that won Qualifiers all over the world), to find out who will become worlds next Classic Duo.

Join the Challengers: Take part in a Qualifier on the day from 13:00 (Kids 1 spot, Bgirl 1 spot & Last Chance 10 spots), or come watch them battle it out in the finals at 18:00!


WBC tickets also allow entrance to NBL in the second room.

Hong 10 & Ronnie vs Lussy Sky & Drud | FINAL | WORLD BBOY CLASSIC 2016